PLAYING CONDITIONS Revised 01/06/20 

General conditions

  • 1. The Government’s social distancing and hygiene advice must be fully implemented both on the courts, adjacent to the courts and in the parking areas at all times.

  • 2. Before leaving home to go to play and after you return players should wash their hands with soap and water for at least 20 seconds.

  • 3. There will be no access to the Clubhouse at any time. The clubhouse and its immediate surrounds are out of bounds for club members. There will be no toilet facilities available for players. The outdoor toilet facility is for those working on the clubhouse and must not be used by tennis club members.

  • 4. When parking members should ensure that social distancing applies.

  • 5. Players should not make use of the benches adjacent to the courts.

  • 6. Hand sanitizers or wipes should be used at the entrance/exit to courts. All surfaces likely to be used by players (including padlocks, gate locks etc.) should be cleaned. As at present hand sanitizers and suitable wipes are very difficult to find in their absence take water, soap/washing liquid and a cloth to wipe down the relevant areas.

  • 7. If players make use of the artificial clay courts then the handles of the sweepers must be sanitized before and after us


  • 1. Both singles play and doubles play is now permitted with people from outside of your household, as long as you remain 2 metres apart as far as possible – meaning that four people from different households can now play doubles.

    2. If you need to sneeze or cough, do so into a tissue or sleeve. Avoid touching your face.

    3. For private play members must book playing time using the club’s booking system.

    4. Other than where players are from the same household:

        - Stay at least two metres away from other players (including during play, when taking breaks and before and after play).

         - Do not make physical contact with other players (such as shaking hands or high five).

         - Avoid chasing the ball down to another court if other players are using it.

         - Avoid congregating on or around the court after playing to allow access for others.


  • 1. Use your own equipment where possible. Equipment such as rackets can be shared, but where this happens ensure thorough cleaning before and after use.

    2. Players should not share food, water or towels.

    3. Players should ensure that they take all their belongings with them when they leave.

    4. Players do not now need to use their own clearly marked tennis balls – however, if you choose to use shared balls then extra care must be taken to ensure you do not touch your face during play, and you should clean your hands before play and immediately after finishing (use alcohol gel if required).

    5. Players may use their own balls, or if they have not utilised their entitlement to a free tube contact Ken to make arrangements for their collection.

    6. Players should still avoid using their hands to pick up tennis balls from other courts where possible - use your racquet/foot to return them.


  • There will be some coaching activity. For details contact Megan.

  • Some formats of competition are likely to resume. Local Tennis Leagues and internal singles and doubles box leagues/ladders can be played as long as they adhere to the guidelines in place


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