Rules of the Club



The classes of membership and maximum permitted numbers are:

A person aged over 18 on 1st April who has made an undertaking to abide by the Constitution and Rules of the Club.

A person aged 18 or under on 1st April whose parent/guardian has signified his/her agreement that the individual will abide by the Constitution and Rules of the Club. (Any junior whose tennis skills are of a high enough standard may be invited by the Management Committee to play as a full adult member.)

(c) STUDENT MEMBER - numbers are included in Full Members
A person aged 18 plus and in full time education who has made an undertaking to abide by the Constitution and Rules of the Club. Such a person is considered to be a Full Member and may exercise their rights as such as provided by the Constitution.

(i)   A visiting member of the public who has paid a court hire fee thereby undertaking to abide by the Rules of the Club. No limit on numbers.

(ii) A playing guest who can only be introduced by Full Member - a member may only introduce one playing guest at a time - a person living within 30 miles of the courts may attend as a playing guest three times a year and no more. The number of times that a Full Member may introduce any one playing guest who lives within 30 miles of the courts is limited to three times a year.
A junior member wishing to introduce a guest must first obtain permission from a Full Member.

(iii) A social guest may be introduced to the Club without limit solely for social functions by any Full Member.

(e) HONORARY MEMBER - no limit
(i) An individual whose services to the Club in the unanimous view of the Management Committee, has warranted such a reward for a stated period of time.

(ii) Every member and official of a visiting match team for the period of that visit (in addition in the case of a competitor under 18, his/her parent or guardian).

(f) COACHING ONLY MEMBER - no limit to numbers
An adult non-playing member who has made an undertaking to abide by the Constitution and Rules of the Club.

The Membership year will run from 1st April to the 30th March each year.

In the event that the number in the membership class has reached the maximum, then an individual may apply to join the waiting list except when that individual:
(i) Acted at any time as guarantor in obtaining finance for the Club;
(ii) Previously retired sick as an active playing member from the Club;
(iii) Qualifies from a different membership class;
Then membership of the Club in the respective class will be granted promptly (subject to payment of due fees and subscriptions) and the maximum membership numbers in such a case can be temporarily exceeded.


The Club courts are reserved for play as per the court reservation schedule except when the Management Committee additionally decides to reserve courts for tournaments and matches.

Club Sessions for Full Members are determined by the Management Committee and are as follows:
SUNDAY ADULTS 10:00 to 1pm
TUESDAY ADULTS 6:00 to 10 pm
THURSDAY ADULTS 6:30 to 10 pm
FRIDAY ADULTS 11:00 to 1pm


(a) The rules of play shall be those determined by the LTA.
(b) When other Members are waiting to play on a court  at Club Sessions, players should give sympathetic consideration to adjusting their finishing time to allow for those waiting to have a warm up before the next round of matches commence
(c) Before anyone can enter any courts for play it is mandatory that day shoes be removed and shoes worn on courts be designed for hard court tennis
(d) Tennis clothes will be worn by Club members
(e) When the courts are left vacant, all external gates are to be left locked.
(f) When club buildings are left vacant, lights and switches are to be put off and the building locked.
(g) Only the club coaches are authorised to carry out coaching on court - members wishing to use ball baskets or other coaching paraphernalia must obtain the explicit permission of the head coach before doing so.


Members, visitors and guests are reminded that the Club and Bagshot Playing Fields Association (BPFA) accepts no responsibility for personal injury or loss or damage to any member, visitor or guests, unattended property or to motor vehicles.


(a) Cars shall be parked tidily and with consideration for others.
(b) Litter must be put in the receptacles provided.
(c) Members shall be considerate of local residents.
(d) A complaint by anyone against a member will be dealt with in accordance with the Code of Conduct by the Welfare Committee. In the event of a complaint being lodged in respect of a member of the Public, that individual may be required to return the court key and leave the courts immediately without refund of any fees paid, and if the offence is sufficiently serious, banned from play in the future.
(e) No notice shall be posted on Club property without the express permission of the Management Committee.


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